React Native - Scale Android TV app for all TV resolutions

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When i started working on a react-native project for android TV, i faced a very common scaling issue, how to design my application that fit multiple screen sizes of different resolutions.

First let’s check the web (as many of us come from web background), In web development we can set viewport where we set content width and initial scaling values. Also we have frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, UIKit, etc.

Now let’s come to react-native, In react-native we have flexbox which helps to provide consistent UI for different screen sizes. But the flexbox alone is not helpful. We may also need to use % in the styles as react-native@0.42 support % in the CSS styles.

But i had a thought that using ‘%’ is still not a recommended way where my application gonna be used in thousands of TVs of different screen sizes. So i searched for a reliable soultion and found Dimensions , PixelRatio and React Native Pixel Perfect


Dimensions in react native helps to get the window’s width and height and also we can use the event listener available in the Dimensions module to know if there is a change in window height and width.

const windowWidth = Dimensions.get('window').width;
const windowHeight = Dimensions.get('window').height;


PixelRatio in react native helps to get the device pixel density. Pixel density will varies device to device based on the resolution and pixels per inch (ppi).

For an mdpi android device PixelRatio.get() === 1 and hdpi android device PixelRatio.get() === 1.5 and so on.

React Native Pixel Perfect

react-native-pixel-perfect helps to create pixel perfect app of any screen sizes. It has a create function where we need to supply the device resolution so it generates a function which computes the correct size for different screen sizes.

const designResolution = {
    width: 1125,
    height: 2436
const perfectSize = create(designResolution);

perfectSize(50) will return the actual size needed to make 50 fit the screen perfectly according to original design. 50 is 50px in CSS styles.

Let’s say for High Definition TVs

720p Resolution TV = 1280 x 720 (Total pixels = 921,600)
perfectSize(50) is 23.589


1080p Resolution TV = 1920 x 1080 (Total pixels = 2,073,600)
perfetctSize(50) is 15.726

So using the module we can achieve pixel perfect application which reflects our UI design perfectly.

Now let’s combine all these together for a perfect and dynamic adaptive application.

import {PixelRatio, Dimensions} from 'react-native';
import {create} from 'react-native-pixel-perfect';

let displayProps = {
  width: PixelRatio.roundToNearestPixel(
    Dimensions.get('window').width * PixelRatio.get(),
  height: PixelRatio.roundToNearestPixel(
    Dimensions.get('window').height * PixelRatio.get(),

export const perfectSize = create(displayProps);

you can export the perfectSize fn and import it in any component to use it for pixel perfect size.

import { perfectSize } from './helper.js';

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
   container: {
    width: perfectSize(500),
    height: perfectSize(300)

Finally achieved the design scaling for different screen sizes. :)

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